Tony Minieri

In Tony's world, color is everywhere, it takes on many different forms and works its way into all that he does.

As an internationally-known needlepoint teacher with Level I Certification from The National Academy of NeedleArts, Tony instructs for the American Needlepoint Guild, Inc., The Embroiders' Guild of America, The National NeedleArts Association, needlepoint shops, guilds, and private groups. His body of work encompasses teaching and designing, and he is in much demand for creating stitch and thread guides and for teaching his project classes.

You'll often hear Tony singing in his rich baritone voice. If you are lucky, you'll be treated to one of his many stories that are accompanied by his equally rich laughter that fills the room. It's a treat to learn from Tony Minieri as he shares, entertains, teaches, and supports your efforts to be a better stitcher.

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020:  Back to Basics Level 3,  Montgomery Patch     

Julia Snyder

Julia Snyder grew up in her local needlepoint store where her mother, Patsye Hardin, worked.  She started stitching at the age of 4 and has not stopped since. Julia has won awards in the State Fair of Texas as well as ANG.  She has also designed and taught classes for ANG, EGA, Needlepointers, Destination Dallas Market, and TNNA Market.  Julia has also been involved in judging at the State Fair of Texas for several years and been a part of the Beaux-Arts Auction at the Dallas Museum of Art.  She has been teaching for the past 22 years, since she and her mother opened Key Stitches, which closed in 2009. 

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020:  Embellishment, SE Hagarman Design

Kurdy Biggs

My designs are inspired by my love of unique stitches, threads, color and beading, with an emphasis on learning new stitches and creating unique projects. I have been stitching for nearly forty years and have progressed through counted cross-stitch, embroidery and have settled on counted (canvas) needlework because of the large variety of results I can achieve. After years of stitching other designer's patterns, I've virtually run out of patterns that intrigue me! So I have set off to create designs for myself and others.  

Kurdy Biggs is a counted canvas designer, teacher and owner of Threedles Needleart Designs. Kurdy hold a Level II Teaching Certificate from the National Academy of Needlearts. Her Geometric designs have won numerous awards form ANG, NAN, EGA, TNNA and Woodlawn. She has been published in Needlepointers, Needlepoint Now, and Cross Stitch and Needlework. Kurdy has taught at ANG, EGA and NAN national seminars, as well as for many guilds and shops.

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020:  Cathedral, Rescent

Mary Legallet

I’ve done needlepoint since high school, but a visit to Needlepoint Inc in San Francisco in the mid-1990’s revealed decorative stitches and diverse thread choices that captured my imagination. I then had the good fortune of learning under the tutelage of Beverly Churchfield, and the amazing Wendy Harwood at Aristeia in Santa Monica. 

Creating whimsical designs and cultivating a crisp, clean style all my own became a passion and refuge for me. After a 25+ year career in marketing, where I helped launch more Lexus and Toyota vehicles than I can count, I chose to focus my life’s second chapter on needlepoint. I created to share the joy I find in every new needlepoint project, stitch technique, and even the threads I use. 

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020: Embellishment w/Stitch Concepts, Zecca special design

Robin King

Robin King studied needlepoint for years with Amy Bunger, and now teaches and writes custom stitch guides for customers nationally. Robin has a degree in Prosthetics and worked for 27 years building custom prosthetic devices until her love for the textile design called her into service. She has won ribbons for her excellence in needlepoint, and continues to lead her students into exploring the excitement of the modern needlepoint creations. Robin produced the "How'd You Do That? series of needlepoint DVDs. She also designs and manages Web sites. Robin contributes to the Needlepoint Study Hall blog, and has written hundreds of available stitch guides.

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020: Special Halloween Melissa Shirley, Robin’s Greatest Hits

Kelly Clark

Kelly is best known for her elegant, nostalgic Santa's and Nativity sets, as well as other festive Christmas pillows, stockings and ornaments. She is also well-known for her spooky and imaginative Halloween-themed canvases, 3-D tiny baskets, pears, samplers, trees and much more. 

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020:  Spring Flower Celebration, Provence Rooster

Sherry Bray

I started stitching at the age of seven with my Gramma for Christmas presents for my Mama.  We started stitching tear towels and pillow cases.  I discovered needlepoint at the age of seventeen (a mere few years ago).  I took a hiatus for about …mumble, mumble years and rediscovered it and walked away from quilting and never looked back.  Walking int Queen Anne Stitches and seeing all the threads that were now available was pure joy.  Then I started taking classes.  Who knew that there were more stitches than continental?  I took classes from Anne Edwards, Sue Ward, Susan Portra, Robin King, Laura Taylor and David McCaskill.  By taking from the various teachers, you discover your own style.  Needlepoint has been my sanity and passion.  I love what I do and keep guard not to lose that love ‘cause I don’t want to go back to the real world and start asking people “Would you like ketchup with those fries?”  

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020:  Bailey Jack Pitcher of Flowers, Family Vacation

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith is a multi-talented designer who looks at needlepoint like no other. She has been drawing and designing as long as she can remember. With a degree in illustration/graphics she has designed everything from jewelry to fashion to living with color.
Getting her start in the needlepoint world in the early nineties she began with counted canvas work. Blank canvas, colors, and thread were her muse. Years later and several moves later she found herself working in a needlepoint shop and loving the painted canvas available. Another move and a re connection with a long time friend and she was off and running now designing hand painted canvases. 

Her canvases are fresh and colorful, full of life just like she is. Many of them start as ideas of how to stitch them. Her roots never stray far from her days as a counted canvas work designer as she incorporates ‘string art’ and counted patterns in her designs. She doesn’t stop there, you will find all sorts of fun techniques in her designs perfect for giving you a taste of something new. 

Classes offered at CANVAS 2020: My Passion, Crop Circles

Linda Corirossi

Linda Corirossi has been teaching needlepoint since opening a shop in 1980.  After selling Basket of Stitches in 1994, Linda has continued to teach.  She has a Bachelor of Education Degree from Northern Illinois University.  Linda has taught 2 hour classes, 3 and 4 day seminars and notebook classes.  Her Canvas Embellishment classes are very popular.  In those classes, each student receives individual attention to create a work of art on her own canvas.  Linda has written canvas embellishment books and most recently she has taught at the Art Institute in Chicago for the Textile Society.  

Classes offered at CANVAS 2019: Elephant Embellishing, Embellishment

Toni Gerdes

Toni Gerdes  holds Level II Teachers’ certification from the National Academy of Needlearts specializing in canvas embroidery. She currently serves on the Board of NAN as the Director of Education after serving 5 years as Assistant Director of Teachers’ Certification and on the Board of Directors for Mile High ANG chapter as President. She is currently the President of NETA. She has received numerous awards for her designs. Toni has taught for NAN, EGA, and ANG, as well as guilds & shops. She has been published in Needlepointers, Needlepoint Now, and in Needle Arts as the Artist Across America. She enjoys all types of stitching and especially sharing her knowledge with others. She currently resides in Colorado. See pictures of her work at .  

Classes offered at CANVAS 2019: Klimt Kimono, Abyss