201 Blue Bird Birdhouse taught by Barbara Elmore 

Innovative ribbon techniques developed by Barbara Elmore and Nandra using BE’s Stitch Ribbons and Glitzy Ribbons. Gathered flowers, prairie point petals, effect leaves, bird wings…

Innovative techniques for applying Sundance mini Sparkles to canvas as an embellishment, developed by Barbara and Nandra.

Specifications: 18 count canvas, 10" x 10" design size, 15" x 15" canvas size


Kit Cost: $495 includes canvas, stitch guide, threads and embellishments

Skill Level: All Levels


202 Katt Z. Witch taught by Robin King

Katt Z. Witch, from the infamous “Halloweenies” series by Kelly Clark, is definitely a “pretty” witch. She is holding a Cat and there is a 3-D Woven Basket inspired by the techniques from DVD #7, The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving. There is another Cat by her side. Look who just spotted the Rat in the border. Now that's the beginning of a good story. Canvas measures on 4.75” x 7.75” on 18 mesh.

Specifications: 4.75" x 7.75"                         18 count canvas

Kit Cost: $295 includes canvas, stitch guide and          threads

Skill Level: Intermediate



203 Embellishment Class taught by Mary Legallet  


Bring whimsicalstitch.com's crisp, classic style to the piece of your choice. Whimsicalstitch.com will prepare a Stitch Concept (customized stitch guide with diagrams, written instruction and insight, and thread lists) for the student based on the communicated stitch skill level. The stitches will be gorgeous and include beautiful threads and other appropriate accents, such as ribbons, stumpwork, or beading. The possibilities are endless!  Each student will receive 1-on-1 time to help navigate their piece and stitch concept.

Specifications: TBD

Kit Cost: This kit will be determined by student's canvas choice

Skill Level: TBD

204 Mumtaz Mahal taught by Tony Minieri

This design, inspired by architectural details from the Taj Mahal, is a geometric etude worked in fuchsia, blue violet, acid green, and Japan gold. The design teaches complex multi-step flat patterns, crescents, Swarovski flat backed sequin attachment, bead attachment, light stitching for minimum coverage, tied sheaves, Bokhara couching, and other stitches and techniques. You will work with stranded silk, metallic braids, Petite Silk Lame’ Braid, Impressions solid, seed beads, and 10MM flat backed Swarovski square sequins.

Specifications: TBD

Kit Cost: $325 Kit includes canvas, threads and embellishments

Skill Level: TBD

206 Sonata taught by Debbie Rowley

Teaching objectives: To encourage stitchers to achieve a natural stitching rhythm by learning how to execute complex stitches without constantly referring to the stitch diagrams; to work with different textures of cotton and metallics threads; exploring analogous color scheme.  Sonata employs a variety of textures and fibers. 

Specifications: 18 count canvas, 8" x 8" canvas, 3 color options

Kit Cost: $128 Kit includes class book, threads and canvas

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced stitchers

207 Edgar by Bailey Jack for & more taught by Julia Snyder

This delightful portrait of Edgar and the Raven is a great addition to any home or library, whether contemporary or traditional. 

You will be using Soie d'Alger silk, & more Heather, & more Fine Kid, Straw Silk, Gloriana silk, and & more beads to create a wonderful work of art full of great textures and stitches.  This will be a 2 day class allowing you to work on all the areas of the design along with working with great threads.

The design is handpainted on 18 count canvas with design dimensions of approximately 8 X 10.75 inches.

Kit Cost: $395
Kit Fee includes canvas, threads and stitch guide

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Specifications: 18 count canvas
8 x 10.75

208 Oh Say Can You See from Melissa Shirley taught by Patricia Sone

This Intermediate Level class will have beading, composite stitches. laid stitches and ribbonwork,   The patriotic theme lends itself to an exuberant use of red, white and blue.

Specifications: 18 count canvas, 8" x 10" canvas

Kit Cost: $275
Kit Fee includes canvas, thread and stitch guide

Skill Level: Intermediate