401 Dewdrop’s Ensemble taught by Barbara Elmore

Multimedia techniques on needlepoint canvas. Based on an original painting by Carolyn Schmitz, adapted to needlepoint by Barbara Elmore.

Some of the techniques that will be used are:  Needlefelting, beadwork, silk ribbon work, stump work, appliqué, bullion stitches and many other decorative and traditional needlepoint stitches.

Specifications: 18 count canvas, 8" x 10" design size, 12" x 14" canvas size

Kit Cost:  $595 kit includes canvas, stitch guide, threads and embellishments

Skill Level: TBD

402 Bold, Colorful, Whimsical Charley Harper taught by Robin King


Robin King has written over 45+ stitch guides featuring the wonderful art of Charley Harper. Popular with needlepointers, Charley Harper’s minimal realism, yet highly stylized look at wildlife, lends itself to delightful stitch combinations and endless textures. Stitcher can select more than one stitch guides to work on during their 4-day session. Stitch guide fee determined by canvas selection.

Specifications: Details of canvases posted on photo

Kit Cost: Details on  photos

Skill Level: All levels

403 Holiday Kringles by Patience Brewster taught by Mary Legallet

Come explore the magic of Patience Brewster (by Kate Dickerson).  Each day will focus on one of four darling holiday Krinkles.

Designed for an intermediate to advanced stitcher, the Krinkles are brought to life with a variety of small space stitches with silks, metallics, and a few surprises.  We will also add a joyous combo of beads, ribbons, silks, stump work, sparkles, and even some tulle.  

Join us to create magical jokers, geese, vixens, and fish.  

This format allows students to pick their preferred project, offers social time with other students, and plenty of 1-on-1 teacher time for each student.

Specifications: 4 individual canvases - each approximately 7 x 10

Kit Cost: $995 Kit includes canvases, threads and stitch guide

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced

404 Back to Basics Level 1 taught by Tony Minieri

In the first class of the Back to Basics The Right Way series, Tony shows the student the correct way of stitching to improve needlepoint techniques. Included in the session are a discussion of essential tools, easy and proper ways to thread a needle, beginning and ending threads, how to mount the canvas on the stretcher bars (and why to use them), compensation and other techniques. Stitches covered include diagonal stitches, line stitches, crossed stitches, tied stitches, and plaited stitches. Other stitching includes filling patterns, knots, Bokhara couching, canvas appliqué, and traditional canvas appliqué slip. As always, Tony's Tenets are an integral part of the class.

Specifications: TBD

Kit Cost: $65

Skill Level: All levels

406 Explore and Design taught by Debbie Rowley

This is a four day class that has not been taught formally, but I worked with my local chapter on developing this class. It’s a stitch notebook first, exploring several different types of stitches using different threads/textures. Then, the students are guided to create their own design based on their exploration of the stitches from the first two days of class. We explore a little color and design theory as well. What sets this class apart from other design classes are the stitch template sheets provided to the students. Each student will receive several printed pages of stitches in various sizes, to be cut out and placed on a grid sheet. This saves having to draw each element by hand, although students will be able to do that if they want. They will also choose from several thread packages to create their color combination, or may add to what I provide in class. I’ve included a picture of the thread packages, all in primary colors with neutrals as well.

Specifications: 18 count canvas

Kit Cost: $255 Kit includes canvas, threads and instructions

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced

407 Four Day Embellishment Class taught by Julia Snyder

The Embellishment class is a bit different since each student is working on their canvas of choice, new or old.  A formal stitch guide can be written for the piece, or the stitcher can bing the piece or pieces, depending on the size, and we will work out the threads and stitches for the piece. CANVASis very fortunate to have The Needle Bug as the ‘Boutique’ and have just about any thread you could dream of using available.  I will hand out numbers as everyone gets to class and help in that order.  We may change things up a bit between days, just to keep things exciting. I do try to work with everyone by lunch on the first day, but by afternoon break for sure.

 By the end of the session each stitcher will have at least 80% of all the threads and stitches worked out.  Now of course this depends on the size of the piece or pieces.  

 So we also know that there are those pieces that we might be stuck on or just need a little help, those are more than welcomed in my class as well.  I want the stitcher to leave my class having learned something, worked with new product, and most of all happy!

Specifications: Any canvas

Kit Cost: Cost determined by threads selected during class

Skill Level: All Levels

408 Raymond Crawford Standing Santa taught by Patricia Sone

This great design lends itself to innovative beading, ribbon work, embellishments, composite stitches and pattern stitches.  This project is Intermediate/Advanced Level and is a joy to stitch.

Specifications: 18 count canvas, 18" in length

Kit Cost: $455 Kit includes canvas, threads and stitch guide

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced